In summer months, dogs love a cooling, low-impact swim as much as humans. The Fox Valley area has several public dog parks where dogs can swim. Life vests are provided for dogs new to swimming.


The Dog Powered Scooter is a safe way for your dog to run. Because the dog is clipped in on both sides of the harness, all energy is channeled forward. Distractions like rabbits, squirrels, and other dogs merely mean more forward speed! Many sizes of high drive dogs enjoy the scooter, as it is completely adjustable. The unit only requires 4-6 lbs of pulling force which is what a normal dog will pull on a leash. Human help is always given on hills or when your dog gets tired.


Not every dog is as athletic as others. Some have special needs due to age or health issues. We will do our best to provide each dog with the exercise they need. We always make sure your dog is properly hydrated and watch for signs of over exhaustion. In a non-rushed environment, we give your dog the time to take in the smells and sights of the walk.

The Springer Dog Exerciser provides a safe way for your dog to trot beside a bicycle. It absorbes 90% of the force of a dog distracted by squirrels, rabbits, other dogs, or humans. The Springer also helps keep the dog safely away from the rear wheel.

Dog Powered Scooter

Springer Dog Exerciser

Your dog will be treated like family and will have it's own room in our home. We are fully insured to board with a safe, fenced in yard.



Nothing stimulates your dog's prey drive instinct like a good fetch session! After much trial and error, we use the ultimate squeaky, spiny, blinking ball your dog will love.