Our History

Our mission

Dogs need to run, especially high drive dogs. We provide outlets for dogs to burn off excess energy and give them a job. Many high drive dogs need much more than a walk around the block to achieve their potential and avoid weight and other health problems. Many owners have neither the time or physical resources to give their dogs what they want most- time to be a dog! A well exercised dog will typically be more responsive, non-destructive, safer in public, and healthier. We have a blast providing safe exercise for your loved family pet!

In October, 2014, John became aware of a young German Shepherd named Zeus, who was not adjusting well to the newborn baby of his owners. After an initial meeting, John almost left because of Zeus' apparent aggression. After grabbing a tennis ball and playing fetch, Zeus found a new home. The two became inseparable. 

The dog powered scooter was then purchased and completely changed Zeus' demeanor. He is now a happy, socialized dog. He regularly visits Ace Hardware, Home Depot, dog parks, and local festivals.

We realized there must be lots of other dogs who needed an outlet to burn off their energy.

It was then that K9 Trotter was born. Our first appointment was on 8/16/16 with a Dachshund named Missy, and a black lab named Belle. They remain clients to this day.